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Our Team

     Our warehouses are managed in a systematic manner. Check products regularly To ensure that we have a complete and sufficient inventory to meet the needs of customers’ spare parts.


     Our business starts from supplying second-hand Xiangkong spare parts to customers, giving the company more than 25 years of experience in importing and supplying second-hand spare parts. customer Used spare parts, whether large or small


    We have a professional sales team. Maintenance and understand the product well. To provide advice to customers and to be able to respond to customers’ needs quickly and accurately because we understand that logistics business that time is important

Why should customers choose us?

1. We are a distributor of spare parts for buses and tractors BENZ , SCANIA , VOLVO , MAN both old and new, therefore having the most variety and complete products in Thailand.

2. Our team has more than 30 years of working experience in bus and tractor spare parts, so we can provide services including advice on how to buy spare parts for customers accurately according to customer needs.

3. Our company has been officially appointed by the leading spare parts manufacturers of various countries. to be a distributor of products in Thailand Therefore, customers can trust that the quality of our products and services is absolutely standard.

4. Our company has a service to order special types of spare parts. In the event that the customer cannot find that part

5. Every product of the company has an after-sales warranty.